Welcome to Deliziosa, the only TFL listed fanlisting dedicated to Torta della Nonna (It's a cake!). This fanlisting is owned and mantained by Laura. Feel free to look around and become a fan! Don't know what a Fanlisting is? or what 'Torta della Nonna' is? Click here and find out.

Fanlisting Info

Last updated: May 6, 2021
TFL Category: Food/Drinks » Baked Goods
Open Day: November 21, 2010
Member count: 8
Pending member(s): 0
Newest member(s): Brigitta

Site Updates

More conversion to LA done

Written On: December 26, 2012

First of all, I upgraded to LA 2.4 ;) and I'm converting more fanlisting... I still have about 19 now 15 11 9. And I'm done now. Next step, the joined FLs...

I will update this post with the category of the fanlisting that I converted.

New Codes

Written On: July 23, 2011

My Summer Santa gave me new codes for two fanlistings :D the Friendship Book one and the Torta della Nonna one (I got hungry by adding these ones to the database! Yummy!)

New fanlist

Written On: November 21, 2010

Ok, the Torta della Nonna fanlist is ready ;) I still need to write about it in the about page but everything else is done. Tommorrow I'm going to finish the postcard one (or maybe later ;) ) and then I'll write the links after I received the member lists from Heather :D

I had some problems with the owned files... both on this site and the one in the Enth script stopped working... I changed things around and they works but I still contacted my host to know about it... Dunno why only those two pages are affected...


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